PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Joe DeCamara put his foot down on Monday morning. He’s demanding respect for the Eagles vice president of football operations, Howie Roseman.

“I want to say this out of the gate,” DeCamara said on the 94WIP Midday Show with co-host and former Eagles fullback Jon Ritchie.

“It is time for Philadelphia Eagles fans to start showing Howie Roseman respect for the job he has done, is doing, as the de facto general manager, executive vice president of football operations, czar of Philadelphia Eagles football operations.”

Just a few days ago, Roseman traded fourth-year Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews for 23-year-old Bills cornerback Ronald Darby, strengthening a position of weakness. Many fans were pleased with the trade.

“This guy, Jon, got handed a pile of garbage by Chip Kelly — essentially by Jeffrey Lurie, firing Chip Kelly 20 months ago,” DeCamara continued. “He got handed a pile of garbage and 20 months later, as the Eagles are now about a month away from this season starting, a couple more preseason games then the regular season — I think there’s great anticipation for what this squad can do. I’m coming around big time, Jon, on the concept that I think this team is moving in the direction of being pretty legit right now. Not just 2018 and beyond, right now. 

“Howie Roseman has done a tremendous job since taking over from Chip Kelly. He’s the you know, soft voice, Howie Roseman. Didn’t play football, doesn’t look like Matt Millen. Listen, people gotta start coming around on the fact — I think we as a fan base are fortunate to have Howie Roseman running the Eagles operation. And it’s time people starting recognizing that, Jon.”

Reuben Frank disagrees.