By Joseph Santoliquito

By Joseph Santoliquito

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Christian Carto was in cleansing mode. With his headset on rinsing out the noise around him, he envisioned what he was about to do an hour later. The undefeated Philadelphia 20-year-old bantamweight sat, eyes closed, on a chair propped against the wall outside the blue dressing room of the SugarHouse Casino Friday night, seemingly without a care in the world.

Carto wears nerves well, because he was about to audition for a big-time New York-based promoter who could throw another boost into his budding career. If he was anxious about it, no one would have known.

There are two types of victories in boxing: those that someone is expected to win and uses enough skill to be a blood drop better; the other is when you’re expected to win—and win big, knocking out your overmatched foe.

Carto (11-0, 11 KOs) has done exceptionally well taking care of the latter. He kept his string of victories up Friday night vanquishing Philip Adyaka (7-10, 4 KOs) with a second-round TKO on a 10-bout card by Kings Promotions.

Carto rattled Adyaka with a combination late in the first round. Adyaka didn’t help himself, either, more content on circling and doing nothing. The 34-year-old knew his role and played it well. He took some shots, hung around and didn’t protest when referee Gary Rosato did everyone a favor and stopped it 2:43 of the second, catching Adyaka as he was teetering backwards into the ropes.

Carto was pleased, and he’s aware there could be bigger things ahead. For the time being, he’s willing to be patient. He knows his opposition will need to fight back and be better than he faced Friday night.

He is talented. Just how gifted will come against better opposition.

But Carto did gain a few things.

“I got another good fight and another good training camp in,” he said. “I took my time and I didn’t rush anything. We’re taking our time (with his progress). I’m going to go back and talk to my team and see what they think about how many more three times I fight before the end of the year. This guy tonight was a three-week replacement.

“I do want to be challenged more. I want to win all of my fights, but I want more competitive fights. I heard a few people were looking at me tonight. I plan on the same outcome when the opposition steps up.”