By Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — So who’s getting in the way of progress on the most important issues in Washington? The results of a new CBS survey show that the political parties both have challenges with voters.

The blame game comes from supporters of both parties. First of all, 86% of all questioned think Congress has not done much of anything. There is no surprise there, but the party figures are fascinating. 56% of Republicans think their party is getting in the way of the President Trump’s agenda. 47% of all respondents in the survey say Democrats are helping to block the president’s agenda while not moving on their own ideas.

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Over 60% of Democrats think their party should be more focused on its own economic issues rather than just social issues and justice. And 82% want regular town halls from their Congress members and Senators.

There are unfavorable views of both parties. Democrats get a 55% disapproval and Republicans get a 62% disapproval.

The bottom line is the country is unhappy with both parties. The biggest issue is health care by a wide margin.