BELMAR, N.J. (CBS) — In an effort to bring more enjoyment to the beach-going experience, Belmar officials are reportedly looking to enact regulations that would prohibit large tents at the beach. according to an Ashbury Park Press report.

According to the Asbury Park Press, the Belmar Borough Council recently proposed the ban on the use of these tents and canopies meant for large families, thus outlawing what is defined as “beach spreading.”

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In addition, the large tents will be banned from Memorial Day through Labor Day as Belmar’s population of 5,800 increases by more than 10 times, Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty explained in the report.

Doherty told Asbury Park Press that he had received complaints from several department officials, including police, as well as life guards and visitors of the beach, that all claim the large tents crowd the beach and obstruct the view of life guards.

If the ban happens, Belmar will join Seaside Heights, Avon-by-the-Sea and Long Beach Island as places with similar rules.