PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A car fell into sinkhole in South Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon, and now Philadelphia Water Department crews are working to restore service to three commercial properties on Broad Street.

About 3 p.m. Tuesday the Philadelphia Fire Department says crews responded to a call on the 3300 block of South Broad Street, near Geary Street for a water main break and sinkhole.

When crews arrived a car had fell into the sinkhole, according to the fire department.

The water department would later determine that a12-inchh water main had broken causing a 4-8 foot road collapse.

That collapse would force the closure of the two southbound lanes along the 3200-3300 block of Broad Street.

The water department says the outer two lanes will also be closed until further notice due to the severe undermining of the roadway in two separate locations.

PWD says the area will be secured when crews leave for the night, and will return Wednesday to perform a sewer inspection and full assessment of the amount of roadway that is necessary to replace.