By Dom Giordano

9:00-Alan Dershowitz attacks Maxine Waters. 

9:10-Indictments are inevitable for the Trump administration in the Mueller investigation.

9:35-Congressman Ryan Costello joined on how he’s working on health care with the “Problem Solvers Caucus. ”

10:00-Dan Cirucci joined discussing his list of influential conservatives in the Philadelphia area.

10:15-Three teens in Philadelphia arrested after throwing bottles at police. 

10:20-Fox News’ Eric Bolling accused of sending lewd texts to women. 

10:25-Anthony Scaramucci sitcom in the works.

10:35-Darren Daulton passes away after 4 year fight with brain cancer.

11:00-What was the biggest reason Eagle fans tuned out the NFL last season?

11:20-Father spends his own money to have son’s yearbook reprinted with his Pro-Trump attire showing.

11:35-Bakery in Philadelphia closes blaming the soda tax.