PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A man opened fire on police officers Monday afternoon in North Philadelphia. This led to a frightening moment for a family nearby.

Police say officers responded to a call for an armed man under the influence of narcotics on the 2200 block of North Fairhill Street, just after 4:30 p.m.

Credit: Philadelphia Police

They said 30-year-old Jose Gonzales of Camden was trying to get into a car and refused to drop his weapon. According to investigators, the car Gonzales was trying to get into had been reported stolen in a gunpoint carjacking in Camden County earlier in the day.

Cell phone video captured him firing two rounds at officers right outside a home where a mother was watching a movie with her two children.

A green stick marks the spot where a bullet went through the window into Natasha Doheny’s house on North Fairhill.

Natasha Doheny “my nerves were a wreck. It was scary. Very scary”

She was watching a movie in bed with her kids.

“I was in in my moms room watching TV and the bullet came flying in the window,” said 15-year-old Sierra.

She is one of four children who were inside their home on when the gunfire erupted.

“Then next we came outside cause my little sister was out here and we were scared,” she said. “We couldn’t find her and then the cops came.”

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Outside, authorities say a man was racking his gun, threatening to shoot. Police were quickly on scene when the man opened fire and shot several times at officers–missing them but hitting the house several times.

Authorities fired back immediately, sending the man to the hospital.

No one else was hurt and formal charges are pending.