By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Two Philadelphia men brought an early end to a news conference in the Mayor’s Reception room on Monday morning.

The news conference was about the zero waste and litter initiative but the men wanted to talk about the death of a civilian at the hands of police.

Asa Khalif and Isaac Gardner of Black Lives Matter strolled into the reception room as Council President Darrell Clarke was speaking and aimed their anger over the fatal police shooting of 32-year-old David Jones of Germantown squarely at him.

“Where do you stand on the shooting death of David Jones?” asked Khalif.

“Want to have a meeting?” responded Clarke.

“I want you to say it here in front of everybody,” said Khalif.

“You’re not going to dictate the terms of the discussion,” Clarke shot back.

“Well, then, we’re going to keep right here,” said Khalif.

The disruption continued for about 10 minutes until it was clear there would be no resolution, other than to end the event.

Khalif and Gardner have disrupted other public events and held protests since the June shooting. The state attorney general’s office is investigating.