By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A flash mob confronted police Sunday night outside the same Germantown rec center where a similar barbecue event occurred just a few weeks ago.

Police say Cookout number two was held Sunday evening at the Lonnie Young Recreation Center in the 1100 block of East Chelten Avenue in Germantown.

Despite a police presence, a group of rowdy teens decided to pick up rocks and start shouting insults at officers as they began dispersing the crowd later around 10 p.m.

Eyewitnesses say some of the teens even began jumping on police cars.

The ruckus brought even more police to the scene to disperse the crowd – estimated at a couple hundred people. A police helicopter also responded to the scene.

Police arrested three people for vandalism to patrol cars.

At the height of the disturbance, SEPTA had to re-route some of its buses in the neighborhood because teens were blocking the streets.

Police reported no injuries.

A similar flash mob erupted at the same rec center on July 17 where a community barbecue was held. Police dispersed that crowd and no arrests were made at that event.

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