By Dr. Brian McDonoughSponsored By Independence Blue Cross

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Do you have interrupted sleep from sweating too much?

Excessive sweating during sleep, also known as night sweats, is associated with daytime tiredness, sleep problems, and sometimes serious health issues.

We also know that a warm bedroom or heavy pajamas could be the cause of your night sweats, but if you experience drenching sweats that interrupt your sleep on a regular basis, it is time to talk with your doctor about what the underlying cause could be.

There are common causes like entering menopause, or your body fighting an infection, but there are other causes of concern like heart disease, sleep apnea or a hormone disorder.

Night sweats can be among the first signs of some cancers. If this is the case, you are likely to also experience fever or unexplained weight loss.

That is why you can’t ignore it. Take time to get help.