By David Madden

NEWARK, NJ (CBS) — Last weekend’s gun buyback program in New Jersey took thousands of weapons off the street for good. Now comes the next step. Going after those who use guns to commit crimes in the Garden State.

With collection locations in Camden, Trenton and Newark and up to $200 in cash going out for each surrendered weapon, the take was more than officials expected.

“It ended up being the most successful two day gun buyback program ever held in the state of New Jersey,” Elie Honig, director of New Jersey’s Division of Criminal Justice, told KYW Newsradio. “All told, we collected over 4,700 firearms.”

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From b-b guns to assault weapons. The state spent almost $500,000 in forfeiture money to pay for it.

Now comes part two of the plan.

State and federal officials sat down in Newark this week to map out efforts to divide an increased enforcement program.

“We are identifying some of the most dangerous repeat firearms offenders and handing them over to the federal prosecutor’s office, the US Attorney’s office for prosecution because the federal laws in some instances offer much heavier sentences than the state laws,” Honig added.

Those who are less active could be covered by New Jersey’s new bail reform law, allowing some offenders to be held without bail until trial.