By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are two stinking cute new additions at the Academy of Natural Sciences Drexel University animal education program.

The Live Animal Center at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University has more than 100 birds, mammals reptiles and amphibians. They are used in education programs at the museum and through out the region.

The newest animals two 3 month old striped skunks named Hamilton and Lavender.

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“People in the city probably don’t realize they have skunks living in their back yard or perhaps very close by,” said Lisa McGonigle the lead keeper. “We can talk about habitats, we can talk about adaptations certainly their coloring is indicative that they are nocturnal and you cant see color at night.”

These little critters have been “descented.”

“The glands have been removed so there is no longer any issue with that, but they don’t know that,” she said. “They still do there little stomping and they’ll raise their little tail and they think they have something but they don’t any longer.”

Most of the animals at the live animal center are rehabilitated wildlife or unwanted exotic pets that cannot survive in the wild and are in need of long-term care.