By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Torrey Smith won just seven games combined in his previous two seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, and their carousel of bad quarterbacks.

Now, he’s in Philadelphia and catching passes from someone he appreciates — second-year QB Carson Wentz.

“This dude’s a winner, he has that whole build,” Smith told the 94WIP Midday Show on Thursday after practice.

“Absolutely,” Smith said when asked if Wentz has the entire package.

“I don’t want to be a little hype beast or anything, but I mean he’s a guy you want to play with. He’s a great guy.”

Smith caught just 53 balls in 28 games in San Fran, setting a career-low in targets in 2015 with 62, and then again in 2016, with 49. But he’s not making excuses.

“I didn’t play at my best,” the 28-year-old receiver said. “And when my opportunity did come, I wasn’t prepared all of the time. So, there’s only one person and one thing that I can control and that’s me. So my whole approach was, that was what it was. I know the talent that I have. Anyone that’s been out here can see that I can play ball. So for me it’s like, I’m not trying to proving anyone wrong or anything. I’m just trying to fit in with this team.”

Now, Smith is entering his seventh NFL season with his third team.

“I think it’s genuine,” Smith said of the Eagles locker room. “People in there really care about each other and really focus on trying to get to the next level. You have good leadership, really, in every position.”