By Dom Giordano

9:00-Jim Acosta and Stephen Miller battle over the Trump Administration’s new plan on legal immigration.

9:05-Eric Bolling not a fan of Stephen Miller on camera. 

9:35-Senator Tom Cotton, “director correlation between unskilled workers and stagnant wages.”

10:00-Bucks County District Attorney, Matthew Weintraub, joined discussing the new sign campaign ‘Push Out The Pushers.”

10:20-Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, launching investigation into college admissions diversity.

10:40-Haverford Police looking for additional witnesses in a local murder. 

10:50-Anthony Scaramucci looks to the internet to address his firing from the White House. 

11:00-Vice Chairman of the DelCo Libertarian Party, Dale Kerns, joined discussing their party’s run in DelCo.

11:20-President Trump blames Congress for our “all-time low” relationship with Russia.

11:35-Vatican journalists hit Steve Bannon.