By Alexandria Hoff

DELRAN, N.J. (CBS) — For a car or a bike operating normally, swerving is something you want to avoid. But for teens throughout the Tri-state area, it’s a dangerous move that earns them bragging rights, no matter the risk.

A quick YouTube search shows just how well documented this fad has become in Philadelphia.

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Groups of teens on bikes, riding front wheels up and showing off just how close they can get to an oncoming car before swerving away.

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“Yeah, it freaks me out,” Jasmine Jones of Center City said. “We don’t do that where I’m from — I’m from St. Louis.”

It turns out this trend isn’t an isolated one. On social media, we found the same kind of swerving playing out on the West Coast.

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And right over the bridge, Sgt. Matthew Gasper of Delran Township Police said, “It’s getting worse every day. They’re swerving in and out of traffic, going head on with cars…I guess playing a game of chicken with the cars.”

This week Delran Township Police issued a warning to bikers. That they are cracking down – adding that this illegal swerving.. Can lead or injury, even death and startle drivers to the point of losing control.

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“Last week we had a kid fall off his bike down on River Road — broke his hand,” Sgt. Gasper said.

No surprise to anyone CBS3 spoke to in Center City where trying to dodge street swerving has become part of life.

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“That bike don’t weigh a lot, so they either follow the rules or they going to get hit and their parents can come see them in the hospital,” Kareem Gilbert of Center City said.