By Dom Giordano

9:00-President Trump’s administration investigating affirmative action in public colleges.

9:05-Joy Reid: Trump is built on the vulgarity of right wing talk radio.

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9:35-An interesting vote for the PA tax reform.

10:00-Bill Browder joined discussing his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Commission on any connection between Donald Trump and Russia.

10:20-Pennsylvania Legislators proposing to “stabilize” Obamacare. 

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10:35-Dan Zak joined discussing his latest book “Almighty.”

11:00-Dinesh D’Souza joined discussing his new book ‘The Big Lie.”

11:20-Howard Eskin joined discussing the report the Phillies will cancel their Wall of Fame night for Pete Rose.

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11:45-Announcement for “America First” Rallies.