By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Habitat For Humanity becomes the victim of a theft in Salem County after tools used by the group to build homes for those in need were stolen from a construction site.

“We are hoping they will be in their house in time to start the school year,” said Sue Ann Leighty, executive director of the Salem County Habitat For Humanity.

But with all that two families will soon gain, the organization has been dealt a major loss.

“It wasn’t an easy thing to break into, thankful they didn’t break into the house,” said Leighty

When volunteers showed up to the site on Gershal Road in Pittsgrove on Monday they found that a lock has been broken to their construction trailer and every single tool they had inside was gone and then some.

“Even our first-aid kit, tee shirts– I mean they took everything,” Leighty said.

“Normally it would be unthinkable and especially nearby the church for something like this to happen,” said Rev. Daniel Jones, with St. James Baptist Church.

Jones presides over the church that sits just feet away from the homes.

“Unbelievable, unbelievable. It’s really sad because we know what the habitat is all about,” he said.

The project will have to slow down until Habitat For Humanity of Salem County can find the means to buy more. Even at a discounted rate, the tools cost the organization over $4,000.

“If you want to bring them back the same way you took them, even and bring them back and leave them and say the tools are returned that would be so much appreciated,” said Jones

“This person could realize that they did a bad thing and maybe step up and turn themselves in. That would be the best thing and maybe make a difference in their life,” Leighty said

Through loss, the community has stepped forward. Someone who heard the news of the thefts donated a tool safe so this can’t happen again.