By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — KYW’s John McDevitt checks on how a three-week old tiger cub born at Philadelphia Zoo is doing after being rejected by he mother and relocated to another zoo to live with another big cat family.

Zoya the Amur tiger was the only surviving cub of a litter of five at the Philadelphia Zoo. Her mother rejected her and she was hand fed by keepers. The cub was moved to a new family at the Oklahoma City Zoo so she hopefully would nurse from a sub species of tiger. Lola a Sumaturan tiger gave birth there to a litter of three male cubs of her own the day before Zoya was born.

“This is only the second time that we ever know this to happen so it’s all new to all of us,” said Eddie Witte curator of conevours Oklahoma city zoo.

He says Zoya is getting along with her new family, nursing, gaining weight and getting along with her brothers.

“Every thing is looking right where it should be, so they are starting to be active, they are starting to play a little bit together. Probably in the next week or two mom may be bringing some meat in there and they may start trying to eat,” said Witte.

Witte says Zoya is all ready turning out to be a handful for mom.

“She is the most active cub of all of them. She has gone places where mom had to go pick her up and drop her off with the boys,” said Witte.