PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Police Athletic League of Philadelphia held its inaugural championship baseball game.

For the last several weeks seven PAL Centers across the city held their 13 and under baseball league.

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“They’re all excited, said Lt. Evelyn Cintron. “They’re all having fun. They’ve been having fun all summer, which is the awesome thing about it.”

Cintron says the league helps keep the kids out of trouble and teach them skills they can use off the field.

“We service high crime, low-income neighborhoods, they could otherwise be exposed to the shootings and the violence and the negative stuff that’s going on in the communities where they’re at,” she said.

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And on Tuesday the Lighthouse PAL team played the Cozen PAL team in the championship game.

The kids participating in the game say they had a blast playing in the league.

“I felt awesome and fun and happy,” said one kid. “It felt good, I was waiting for this since last week.”

“I wanted to play, cause it was my first time, trying it out. I liked it so next year, I’m going to play again,” another added.

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After six hard-fought innings, the Lighthouse defeated the Cozen to win the league championship.