PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The world’s first ever blue baseball turf field is apparently coming soon.

Centenary University, located in Hackettstown, New Jersey, plans to build the blue turf field to celebrate their school’s colors allowing for an on-campus home-field. They currently do not have a home field on their campus.

“This facility will function as a hub for baseball in the region,” Centenary president David Haney said via “This will raise Centenary’s visibility while boosting the local economy and providing a facility that can be used by many organizations in the community. It is an exciting opportunity that will benefit our students, faculty and staff, as well as individuals, baseball teams, and businesses throughout the region.”

“It’s going to take something that’s a huge disadvantage for us and make it a great advantage,” head coach Scott Kushner said. “The big thing too is this will be something the whole community can use, not just the baseball team.”

Boise State’s football is known for their popular blue turf field, but this would be baseball’s first.