By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Another piece of Philadelphia radio history is gone with word of the passing of legendary newsman Allen Stone over the weekend.

In WFIL’s rock-and-roll heyday, what was then known as the Pop Explosion, there was what many in the business called “The Voice of God.”

Allen Stone (credit: Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia)

Stone’s delivery was remarkable and instantly identifiable, much like the late Sandy Starobin’s was on KYW Newsradio. In fact, Starobin reported from Harrisburg for WFIL before joining KYW.

But for all the bombast of his signature delivery, Stone was a journalist to his core. His ability to command your attention was unquestioned when the situation called for that.

Yet one of his many program directors, Dean Tyler, remembered Stone as fun to work with, even if he did have a bit of an attitude.

“Well, he thought he was never wrong. I’ll say that for him,” Tyler told KYW Newsradio. “But he was coachable, I guess you could say. He responded well to any direction that I gave him.”

Stone had two stints at Famous 56, the second coming in the mid 80’s, when the station briefly recreated its sound with an oldies format.

He worked in public relations and advertising after leaving radio, and even wrote a book about that experience.

Stone was inducted into the Philadelphia Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame 11 years ago.

Allen Stone was 91.

The family plans a brief graveside memorial service Tuesday, August 1 at 1 p.m. at the Hyam Salomon Cemetery in Malvern.