LAHASKA, Pa. (CBS) — The SPCA has removed three horses from a property in Bucks County and the owners of the animals are facing animal cruelty charges.

After an intensive investigation, the Bucks County SPCA on Friday removed the horses from a property in the 600 block of Sweetbriar Road in Perkasie, Bedminster Township, officials said.

“We appreciate the support and collaboration of the community and the Bedminster Police Department. Despite ordering the owner to provide necessary nutrition and veterinary care, the animals conditions continued to decline and a search warrant was served,” said Humane Society Police Officer Nikki Thompson. “A case like this one requires patience and multiple visits to collect sufficient evidence to maximize the likelihood of a conviction of animal cruelty.”

BCSPCA Humane Society Police Officer Nikki Thompson and volunteer Jared Sinclair prepare one of the horses for transport to the BCSPCA’s barn in Quakertown. (credit: Cindy Kelly, Bucks County SPCA)

With the help of several volunteers from the community the animals were transported to BCSPCA’s barn facility in Quakertown. Officials say they were immediately examined by an equine veterinarian who is overseeing their care.

“The road may be a long one, but we are optimistic that all of the animals will make a full recovery and go on to enjoy greener pastures.” said Linda Reider, BCSPCA Executive Director.

Six chickens and a pot-bellied pig were also removed from the property. They are also being cared for at the BSPCA.

Animal cruelty charges are pending against the owners of the animals, Michelle Hawkins-Pena and Billy Pena.

The BSPCA is asking for contributions to help cover food and medical expenses. Donations can be made online at their website.