By Jay Lloyd

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Visitors to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania are drawn to the battlefield. KYW’s Jay Lloyd reports that the most dynamic way of seeing it is mounted on horseback.

Yankee and Rebel troops strode out onto mist shrouded fields to face each other on foot. Their officers could see a lot more from a saddle. John Latschar and a crew of wranglers take visitors on tour by horseback.

comin home Gettysburg Horseback Getaway

“You don’t really understand until you’re up on the horses back the different perspective it gives of the entire landscape,” said Latschar.

And you ride straight across the fields of action. John’s wife Terry a driving force behind the venture notes that most riders have never been on a horse, but she sees the change as they go from apprehension to an eye-opening fantasy.

terry latschar leads battlefield ride Gettysburg Horseback Getaway

“You can see them transform into these instant horse people and become soldiers and officers,” said Terry Latschar.

Even the youngest, like 11-year-old Brian Goodwin.

“I’d never ridden a horse before,” said Goodwin. “But it was a really cool way to see it because if you were going by car, you wouldn’t be able to go to all those places.”

dscn0676 Gettysburg Horseback Getaway

Just look for the National Riding Stables at Gettysburg.