By Cleve Bryan

EVESHAM TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) — Police in Evesham Township are warning residents to be cautious after a black bear was reported in the area.

Police say the bear was spotted Wednesday evening in a backyard near Barton Run Boulevard and Jessica Court.

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It was then seen going into the wooded area behind the residential development.

“The bark ripping was loud, it was loud enough for me to stop, notice. I looked over at the tree and there was this big black mound,” said Thomas Sylvestro, who witnessed the bear. “I would have felt horrible if I heard the next morning that somebody’s dog got attacked or God forbid something else happened and I didn’t say anything”

Evesham Township police say they will have extra patrols in the area throughout the next few days.

The sighting is putting some neighbors on edge.

“It makes me kind of nervous because I run here every day around the neighborhood and I kind of don’t want to go for a run now,” said Amanda Hyde.

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Wildlife officials recommend not leaving food and trash cans out. They also say bird feeders should be taken down.

If you see a bear you can call the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife at 877-927-6337. Safety tips can also be found here.