BRUNSWICK, Maine (CBS)—A man in Maine has been arrested after authorities say he was driving erratically while “giving the finger” to all traffic.

The incident happened on Tuesday evening on I-295 northbound in Maine.

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According to a news release, Daniel Harris, 29, was operating erratically, nearly causing several accidents and hanging out of the car window “giving the finger” to all traffic.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office says Harris was so far out of the vehicle that “at one point it appeared he was going to jump from the moving vehicle.”

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Credit: Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office i

Harris drove for nearly 5 miles before police could pull him over. When he was questioned by police, he told the deputy that he was “having a bad day” and apologized.

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Daniel Harris, of Brunswick, ME, is being charged with driving to endanger and failure to stop for a police officer.

He was issued a VSAC for not wearing his seat belt and failure to have insurance.

He has been released on bail.