By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The lawyer for longtime Democratic Congressman Bob Brady is speaking out after federal prosecutors tied his client’s campaign to a payoff scheme involving the 2012 race.

Brady’s Attorney Jim Eisenhower says the campaign did give $90,000 to primary challenger Jimmie Moore but, he says, it was long after Moore dropped out, and the transactions were legal.

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$65,000 went to pay for polling information about the First Congressional District.

“The Brady campaign wrote two checks to purchase that poll,” Eisenhower said.

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Eisenhower says the remaining $25,000 went to scoop Moore’s former aide: Carolyn Cavaness, the defendant who pleaded guilty this week to falsifying statements involved with those payments.

“Congressman Brady’s advisers felt it would be advantageous to hire Moore’s former campaign manager, Ms. Cavaness,” Eisenhower explained.

No one else has been charged. Eisenhower says the transactions were reported to the Feds.

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“Anybody who knows Bob Brady knows that he does things the right way,” said Eisenhower.