By Jay Lloyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We recently devoured dock and dining opportunities on the nearby Maryland Eastern shore. But cross the broad Chesapeake Bay to the Western shore on your own boat, a charter or guesting with a friend and you’ll find a unique combination of big city, historic town and hideaway-cove eateries for down-home chow-downs to upscale foodie experience. Let’s cast off and head west to….


bodkin creek Getaway Guide To Western Shore Docking And Dining

Bodkin Creek is not easy to spot as you enter the Patapsco River on the way to Baltimore, but check your chart and there it is on the southern wing. Navigate your way past the anchorage and up the Main Creek to the Pleasure Cove Marina. Tie up for a crab feast or an overnight stay. Maryland steamed crabs are ready for cracking on an outdoor deck at umbrella shaded tables and a handy pool for a dip between nibbles. A range of bay inspired shelled, fin, fur and feathered grub fuels the menu and a good beer list lubricates the pipes. My recommendation here is a stop for eats and then drop a hook in the creek near its entrance for the night – or continue on to Baltimore and…..


rusty scupper Getaway Guide To Western Shore Docking And Dining

For over 30 years, my crew has been docking at the Inner Harbor Marina at the front door of the Rusty Scupper, an upscale Baltimore entry that has a commanding view of the Inner Harbor and beyond from multi deck indoor and outdoor perches. The seafood here has never disappointed. Don’t miss the Maryland Crab Soup. A favorite move is to dock  mid-afternoon, have an early dinner, walk to Camden Yards for an Orioles game and then return to the Scupper for a nightcap on an outdoor deck and gaze at the harbor traffic and lights of Baltimore. By morning we head south to historic Annapolis and….


chart house 2 Getaway Guide To Western Shore Docking And Dining

We depart from docking and dining here. Instead, we take a public mooring in Annapolis Harbor to catch a breeze on a hot summer day and radio for pick up by Water Taxi for the 100-yard ride to the Chart House dock. If you can score a windowside table on the harbor, you’ll sip consistently well mixed drinks while gazing at the boat that brought you, the U.S. Naval Academy and a constant parade of craft, large and small. The restaurant began life as the famous Trumpy Boatyard. It now is a highly regarded, nautically themed seafood house that also happens to roast up one of the best Prime Ribs on the bay. When dinner is done, take the Water Taxi to Annapolis City Dock for an outdoor nightcap at Pussers Rum Bar. Cast off the mooring after breakfast and set a course for the South River and lunch at…


thomas point light Getaway Guide To Western Shore Docking And Dining

It’s a scenic cruise after you round the Thomas Point Lighthouse and steer into the South River. For sailboats, the route 2 bridge near the upper river has a 53 foot vertical clearance. Once under to bridge you’ll spot Mike’s just ahead and to the left. This was one of my first Maryland crab cracking experiences. It’s where I learned not to rub my eye with fingers shmeared with crab spice. There’s free docking while you’re picking. For non-crackers who still want a taste of the briny, there’s a menu, heaped high with shell and fin entries and a substantial nod to beef and fowl eaters. After lunch, cast off, navigate back down the river, turn the southern corner and cruise into the West River for a night and dinner at….


pirates cove Getaway Guide To Western Shore Docking And Dining

A long time favorite stop, the Pirates Cove in the cross-roads village of Galesvlle is a welcoming marina with an eatery that serves up a breeze, a scenic river view, a deck bar and a mid-range restaurant that crosses between bay inspired plates and familiar comfy food. How often do you see calves liver and onions on the menu? And for you seniors on this page, don’t tell me about that steer liver, Mom forced you to eat. This is not Mom’s. Back to business – This is a popular spot where you may want to spend the night. There’s weekend entertainment and dancing that makes for romance or just a listening experience.