By Cleve Bryan

NEW JERSEY (CBS) — Biologists are tracking the migration of a great white shark. They say not only is he the largest male ever tagged in the North Atlantic, but he is off the coast of New Jersey right now.

His name is Hilton, named after where he was tagged last march in Hilton head, South Carolina.

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But what why do we have such fascination with sharks?

Eyes wide and cameras ready when people come face to face with sharks at Camden’s adventure aquarium.

We asked Colin Adams what he thinks about sharks as he visited Adventure Aquarium Saturday.

Do you like sharks?

“Yes,” he replied with a smile on his face.

What do you like about them?

“I don’t really know I just love them,” he said.

Fascination reaches a fever pitch during shark week at the aquarium.

As exciting as it is to learn about local species like sand tigers another much larger type of shark has many people talking this weekend.

A great white named Hilton which was tagged this year by the research group OCEARCH – has been swimming 50 to 75 miles off the Jersey shore the last few days.

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Matt Ferroni a Marine Biologist at Adventure Aquarium said, “It’s cool that he’s off our coast now, it’s unfortunate he wasn’t two or three weeks ago.”

Ferroni and other aquarium staff recently went out with OCEARCH looking for great whites near the Delaware Bay. They had no luck, but he’s glad people are following Hilton on social media, and taking an interest in sharks.

“What we do here is try to teach them that they are not out to eat people,” he said. “We’re actually far more dangerous to sharks than they are to us.”

If you’d actually like to get close to a shark besides behind glass, your best bet it to come here to the shark bridge at the Adventure Aquarium where you can walk over the sharks.

As we walked through the aquarium’s shark tunnel one little boy, not scared at all, knows all about sharks, including great whites.

Seven-year-old Landen Wagner told us, “They try to get you but you have to run really fast to get away.”

You don’t go near great whites?

“No, only in jaws,” he said.

You’re allowed to watch jaws?

“Uh huh,” he replied.

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A personal favorite, but not exactly the pro-shark material ocean experts recommend.