By Michael Cerio 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Today New Politics is helping to pack venues on a summer tour with 311, standing on a stack of radio hits and anxiously awaiting their fourth album’s release.

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Back in 2010 though they were just a baby band, fresh from Copenhagen with the ink still wet on their first record deal – anxious for ears and exposure. That’s likely why they took part in a surreal radio promotion in Atlantic City, competing against another young band to see who could best destroy a Bally’s hotel room before they underwent remodeling.

“I still remember that like it’s yesterday” says the band’s astonished lead singer David Boyd. 

To up the absurdity, the contest was judged by Jackass star Bam Margera, singer Sebastian Bach, and actor and radio host Danny Bonaduce. It was a chaotic scene littered with the most extreme personalities.

The bands acted out the oldest cliché of rock n’ roll excess, flipping mattresses and taking guitars to the TV.

“We had literally just come out. This was like in the way, way beginning when we just moved from Copenhagen, Denmark” explains Boyd. “The only think I remember about trashing, is that while we were trashing the bathroom – like the powder area, the sink and all that – I remember that all our beers were on there, and we started trashing it.”

“I can’t remember who it was. I think it was all three of them, they were just like ‘no no no no no, never no matter what, never waste alcohol’ laughs Boyd. “We were like ‘oh my god good point’, and just drank it and continued to destroy.”

It was a sea of destruction, but New Politics emerged the winner that day and celebrated with a victory set at the casino. They even won over a new famous fan in Bam Margera.

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“I was like, oh my god I can’t believe he’s talking to me.”

Seven years later New Politics has enjoyed a string of success with their power pop dance rock that has outgrown boardwalk antics like this. They come to Festival Pier this weekend with 311 as a band that’s matured over four albums, a fact that’s apparent with their latest piano pop single “One Of Us”.

“It really just boils down to honesty” says Boyd. 

As the music of New Politics has grown, so has Boyd’s family which now features a newborn baby girl born two and a half months ago. You might also know her mother, Christian Serratos who stars on The Walking Dead.

“This is like the biggest thing” exclaims Boyd. “All of my friends or people that I know that are parents, when they try to explain what it means to have a kid – I don’t think you can explain it. You can’t really explain it. It’s unexplainable but it is the best thing that has ever happen to me.”

The joy comes seeping out of every word as Boyd talks about his new daughter. It’s sincere and honest. He seems light years away from young upstart that trashed that hotel room in Atlantic City.

“I’m still pretty trashy. I still have that trashy side” he laughs.

To hear much more from David Boyd of New Politics, check out the full interview above. 

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You can see New Politics when they play with 311 on Friday July 21st at Festival Pier.