By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–It’s sound wave therapy routinely used to treat things like tendinitis, but now the technology has been calibrated to treat erectile dysfunction.

“It’s a major problem for men,” said Philadelphia urologist Dr. Bruce Sloane. “I have many, many patients that tell me my wife is going to leave me because of this, or my wife is convinced I’m having an affair because I can’t perform with her.”

Sloane says medications like  Viagra, surgery and other treatments for erectile dysfunction don’t always work.

He’s the first in Philadelphia to use this new treatment called “Gainswave”. The therapy increases blood flow and regenerates tissue.

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“It’s much better. I noticed a huge difference everything works much better now,” said one patient.

This 32-year-old patient  wants to remain anonymous because like many men he’s embarrassed to publicly discuss his erectile dysfunction.

“It’s not something that’s easy to talk about it’s not like I’m a 60-year-old guy, it’s not something people would expect to happen.”

He’s diabetic–a common cause for erectile dysfunction, which is usually associated with older men and those with health problems like heart disease.

Dr. Sloane says research shows after a series of 15 minute treatments most men have an improved love life.

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“It’s about an 80 percent response rate,” says Dr. Sloane. “Then you get men who are actually functioning reasonably well don’t need anything but would like to improve their performance so they will do Gainswave therapy.”

And because a numbing cream is used before the treatments, it’s pain free.

Six treatments cost $3,000. Some men will need more and it’s not covered by insurance.

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