By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new series of polls just out claim to validate that President Trump is losing the support of the American people. Previously these pollsters relied on a weakening approval rate to make that claim. Now the new argument is that Trump is losing support in key counties that he won in November. I really doubt that this accurate.

The Trump supporters that call me and the ones that I meet are supporting him as he battles the media and the elites of both parties. I think they are willing to give him a lot more time because they like his style and his promises.

This base of support is probably at 40 percent or fewer of the electorate but it is still rock steady. This group certainly is not breathlessly following every development involving the Russians or counting the number of Russians in the room with Don Trump Jr. They are first entertained by what Trump is doing and following mainly the things he has accomplished.

My prediction is that Trump is doing enough and the media is piling on to such a degree that Trump’s base will remain fired up, the resistance will remain fired up and we’ll have a huge dogfight in 2020.  My thought on that is that you can’t beat Trump with candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton.

The media doesn’t seem to understand this. They continuously seem to feel they have the smoking gun that will take Trump out. When that fails, they lecture and attack his supporters.

So, pollsters can continue to spin different ways of saying that Trump is bleeding support. However, I have never seen or heard from a more loyal base of supporters who are loving the ride that Trump has taken them on.

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