SOLEBURY TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office has released disturbing new information in the murders of four men.

DiNardo, Cousin Charged With Murder

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Cosmo DiNardo, 20, and his cousin, 20-year-old Sean Kratz, have been charged with murder in the deaths of Jimi Patrick, Tom Meo, Mark Sturgis and Dean Finocchiaro.

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On Wednesday, July 5, DiNardo agreed to sell Jimi Patrick four pounds of marijuana for $8,000, officials say.

DiNardo allegedly picked Patrick up at home in Newtown and drove him to the property on Lower York Road. Patrick only had $800 so DiNardo told him he’d sell him a shotgun and took him to a remote area on the property.

(credit: CBS3)

DiNardo then gave Patrick the shotgun and shot him with a .22-caliber rifle. He drove the backhoe to where he had shot Patrick, dug a hole 6 feet deep, and then buried him.

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AP Source: Man Killed 4 Men, Burned Bodies At Family’s Farm 

According to the district attorney’s office, DiNardo and Kratz planned to sell $700 worth of marijuana to Finocchiaro on Friday, July 7, but decided to rob him instead. Officials say DiNardo gave Kratz a Smith and Wesson where he shot Finocchiaro in the head inside a bar on the Solebury Township property.

DiNardo also allegedly shot Finocchiaro but claims he was already dead. The two then wrapped his body in a tarp to drag him out, but the tarp got stuck on a nail. The suspects removed Finocchairo’s body with a backhoe and threw him in what they called the “pig roaster,” officials said.

Authorities say that DiNardo also had set a deal to sell marijuana to Meo the same night and told him to go to Peddler’s Village. DiNardo then directed Meo to follow him to the property on Aquetong Road.

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When Meo and Sturgis got out of the car, DiNardo said he shot Meo in the back and then shot Sturgis who was trying to run away, according to the district attorney’s office.

Officials say DiNardo then drove a backhoe over Meo, picked up the bodies of Meo and Sturgis and threw them in the same “metal tank” as Finocchiaro.

DiNardo allegedly then poured gas on the bodies and lit them on fire.

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Kratz told investigators that DiNardo basically “crushed” Meo with the backhoe.