By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Diner En Blanc will return to a secret location next month, but organizers have found a new way for attendees to give back.

It could give those shut out a chance to buy their way in for a good cause.

An estimated 5,200 people are expected to attend this year’s Diner En Blanc in Philadelphia making it the largest in the US, but 43,000 sit on the waiting list.

This year organizers wanted to help out the Philadelphia Parks Conservancy so they are auctioning three sets of tickets beginning at $600 a set.

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“Green space and public space is so important to our event, we think it is a great mission to support,” said Natanya DiBona is Co-Host of this year’s dinner.

She says  a set of tickets will be auctioned off in each round of sign ups.

So those on the waiting list can buy their way in and by-pass the lottery with 100 percent of the proceeds from their purchase going to the parks.

“They do not have to bring their tables chairs or linens, which is a nice selling point and it’s for six people,” she said.

Phase one of the auction ends Wednesday, phase two starts Thursday, and phase three on July 18th.

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