By Tim Jimenez

NEW CASTLE, DE (CBS) — A car crashed into a local SPCA building early Sunday morning, leaving the driver and several animals dead.

Nearly 100 animals cats and dogs had to be moved to different shelters and the SPCA is asking for help.

Police in New Castle, Delaware say the woman behind the wheel died when she slammed into the Brandywine Valley SPCA building at around midnight.

The crash led to flames, says SPCA spokeswoman Linda Torelli.

“Unfortunately, we lost three cats in the fire,” she said.

And, Torelli says, another cat is being treated for burns and smoke inhalation.

There were no people inside the building at the time, but Torelli says neighbors jumped into action to take care of the 36 cats and 62 dogs that were taken out of the shelter.

“People were putting them in their personal vehicles, in the houses across the street, into the ambulances, into the emergency vehicles. It was amazing to see,” Torelli said.

The animals were taken to the other Brandywine Valley SPCA locations in West Chester and Delaware.

There isn’t much room at those busy shelters, and Torelli says the best way to help is to adopt. You can find adoption information at the Brandywine Valley SPCA’s website.