PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Officials in Southwest Philadelphia are investigating a string of drive-by attacks that involve paintball gun shootings and even fireworks being thrown.

There have been three drive-by attacks in the last week as some of the victims are people in the transgender community.

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Police were initially concerned that the transgender community was being targeted, but now, they’re not so sure.

Around the Fourth of July, fireworks were thrown at an employee outside the Morris Home along Woodland Avenue in Philadelphia. They came from a car driving by as the employee was waiting for a trolley.

The non-profit home helps people in the transgender community.

On the same street on Thursday, police were called after a car stopped in the same area of Woodland Avenue, and let off a paintball gun that hit two transgender people.

Authorities were initially concerned people in the transgender community were being targeted, but then there was another paintball gun attack nearby where the people who were shot were not transgendered.

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“They feel like they’re being targeted because of their gender,” said Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker.

At this time, police believe this may be more likely a series of random attacks.

“We think the paintball attacks look like idiots driving around thinking it’s funny,” said Walker.

Walker added that video shows victims diving on the ground during the paintball attack.

Police are still working to find the individuals who shot at the people in the Southwest Philadelphia community.

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The suspects are described as four black males, last seen in a silver Infiniti sedan with silver window trims and a partial PA tag of “KJ.”