By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In spite of the rain the show as they say must go on, and so it did at the Ben Franklin parkway.

For the last 6 days there have been patriotic themed events, and activities all throughout Philadelphia as people from all over the country have come to America’s birthplace, to celebrate America’s birthday.

“It feels awesome and it feels great just to enjoy what’s going on today,” said one woman.

On Wednesday night despite some wind and rain, it all came to a head as R&B superstar Mary J. Blige is performed on the main stage on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

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“It feels good to see everybody come together, come see Mary,” another women said. “Have a great time.”

Even though Mary J was the main performer, she played second fiddle to the pyrotechnics show over the art museum.

“The fireworks, the fireworks and a little bit of Mary J. Blige, said one man.

Many of the people who came out to enjoy the festivities say the fun times with friends, family and total strangers has made this an experience they will not soon forget.

Another man added, “Where else can you be on the fourth of July other than Philadelphia?”

Attendees said the patriotic feel of the event, made braving mother nature well worth it.