PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –When someone painted a swastika on a city trash can along a busy stretch of Spruce Street near 3rd Street, the graffiti did not stop there.

“That was pretty offensive and I was pretty surprised to see that in my neighborhood,” said neighbor Stuart Malcolm, who lives right across from where the trash can was tagged.

Malcolm said another person apparently came by and crossed out the swastika in yet red, and yet a third person used white paint to scribble an obscenity and the words “Nazi Punks.”

“We have a fair number of Jewish people who live in the neighborhood,” Malcolm said “So I can understand why they’d be incredibly offended by it. We also have synagogue just around the corner, so yeah it’s a pretty offensive thing to see.”

At this time of year a lot of people traffic the area where the swastika was painted. Many walk or drive along Spruce to get to and from Harbor Park for fireworks.

CBS 3 called police about the Nazi vandalism, and the department sent out two officers. They said there are no other signs of hate speech sprayed in the area.

About two hours later, a city clean-up worker scrubbed away the offensive graffiti.