PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Always read the fine print. That’s a lesson that a Milwaukee couple learned the hard way after they racked up a nearly $900 bill for a single Uber ride.

Keith and Audra Tubin used the popular ride-share service to go to a local festival with family. They say the original trip cost $214. Still not cheap. But then they added three more stops in the Milwaukee area.

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When the couple woke up the next day, they had a bill totaling $898.

(credit: CBS)

“I thought he was joking, honestly,” said Audra. “I said ‘you’re kidding me, right?,’ and he goes ‘no, $898.'”

It turns out Uber prices were surging at 8.6 times the normal rate.

“We could’ve rented a limo for the whole night and had room for other people,”Keith said, “and probably, you know, saved money.”

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Uber responded to the couple’s inquiry about the bill. The company said that after reviewing their trip their rates were correct.

That translates to “pay up!”