PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s the Fourth of July holiday, and that means most Americans will be celebrating with beer, barbecues and, of course, fireworks.

While most of us enjoy the sights and sounds of a good fireworks display, the loud noise and flashing lights can be quite frightening for our pets. In fact, experts say more pets go missing on July 4th than any other day of the year.

Local authorities are taking time to remind residents about the dangers of fireworks and the harm it can cause your furry friends.

On its Facebook page, the Glassboro Police Department cited a tragedy three years ago when a member of K9 unit was struck and killed by a car after she escaped her kennel.

Police believe the dog was scared by nearby fireworks being set off in the neighborhood and that prompted her to run away.

CBS3 Pet Project: Fireworks Can Be Big Problem For Pets

On the department’s Facebook page, police were reminding the public that along with being a safety concern, fireworks are illegal to possess or use in New Jersey.

Additionally, they recommended people keep their pets inside during the Fourth of July holiday, if possible.

“Even township sponsored fireworks events can cause distress to dogs and cats alike,” the post read. “Leave the fireworks to the professionals!!”

Experts recommend setting up a secure area inside your home and giving your dog a special toy or treat to keep them calm.

For more serious cases, medication is available through your veterinarian.