PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Parking Authority Board on Wednesday approved new restrictions on employee leave time meant to curb abuses by salaried staff, including disgraced former director Vince Fenerty.

When Fenerty resigned to avoid being fired for sexual harassment, he collected a quarter of a million dollars, more than his annual salary, supposedly for accumulated leave time, including comp time. That’s time off granted instead of overtime, usually for hourly employees. Fenerty claimed 2,000 hours. The Authority’s initial response was to let senior staff continue to accrue comp time, but cap it. Acting executive director Clarena Tolson says the rules finalized at this month’s meeting go further.

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“Management employees that had been allowed to accumulate 240 hours of comp time,” Tolson said. “They cannot accumulate that at all.”

They still can save up to 200 days of sick time and 70 days of vacation, but she says when they retire, they can only cash in 30 percent of what they haven’t used.

“Now our accumulation is in line with the city of Philadelphia,” Tolson said.

The Board also approved a new, stricter conflict of interest policy and approved contracts with five law firms for outside counsel in several areas where it says special expertise is required.