HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) —  The state House has sent the Senate legislation intended to give Philadelphia and other municipalities more leverage in dealing with “stop-and-go” liquor establishments.

The bill would allow the Liquor Control Board, in cooperation with municipalities, to designate a zip code as a “saturated nuisance market area” where violations would be subject to harsher penalties.

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Philadelphia House Democrat Jordan Harris, one of the sponsors of the bill, believes one of the most important provisions allows the LCB to shut down alcohol sales in establishments without a health department food facility license.

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“In order to have a health license, you have to have bathrooms, you have to have washing stations, you have to have all of these things,” he said. “If Philadelphia pulls your health license, the LCB can stop that person from selling alcohol.”

Harris says the bill would allow the city and state to rein in “bad actors” have long been skirting the law.

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The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.