PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A plea for the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce to drop its suit against a wage equity law fell on deaf ears, Tuesday.

The request came from a coalition of groups representing women and workers, but the Chamber declined to respond.

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The law would bar employers from asking job applicants’ salary history, to help overcome past discrimination.

“It is no secret that women earn 79 cents to every man’s dollar,” said Melissa Robbins of Philadelphia NOW.

Melissa Robbins of Philadelphia NOW — Photo Credit: Pat Loeb

She takes issue with the Chamber’s claim that the law would intrude on businesses’ rights.

The suit was tossed once, when the Chamber failed to identify any businesses that would be harmed, and Robbins says the refiled suit misses the point.

“Instead of thinking of the lowest paid employees, these organizations chose to justify their complaint by identifying some of the highest earning white men,” she said.

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Among the named plaintiffs was Drexel University.

Student Ejaz Momen says he was shocked and horrified Drexel president John Fry would oppose the measure.

“Mr. Fry you have said the law is unnecessarily burdensome,” said Momon. “What about the burden on the rights of Philadelphia?”

Neither Fry nor the Chamber would comment.