PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Congressman Jim Jordan, of Ohio, reacted to Senate Majority Leader, and fellow Republican, Mitch McConnell’s decision to delay a vote on the Senate GOPs health care bill, telling The Rich Zeoli Show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that he hoped they would had kept a provision in the bill included in the version passed by the House of Representatives that allowed individual states to decide on their own whether or not to require coverage for pre-existing conditions.

“Unfortunately, we wish we’d have kept that option in there for states to get out from under those regulations that we know are driving up premiums for middle class families in the individual market. But, there’s still some positives in there that gets rid of all the mandates, all the taxes and that’s good. It begins to, over a longer period of time, phase out this whole new expansion in the Medicaid population, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

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Jordan also called for an investigation of former FBI Director James Comey for comments he made during testimony related to last year’s presidential election.

“James Comey, under oath, told the American people that he misled us. He told us that he did it willfully and intentionally and did it at the direction of the Attorney General. Loretta Lynch told him to call an investigation, not an investigation, but to call it a matter…That was last year in the Clinton investigation. This year, he turns around and misleads the American people again when he furthers the perception President Trump is under investigation when, in fact, he wasn’t, and, in fact, had been told three times by James Comey, himself, that he wasn’t under investigation. But he allows the American people to continue to believe that their President is under investigation, when he isn’t.”

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He called into question Comey’s actions after he was removed from his post and wants the House Judiciary Committee to hold their own hearings.

“Then he gets fired and what does he do? Leaks a government memo, through a friend, to the New York Times, all to create momentum for a special counsel. This is him talking under oath…All we’re saying is, look, it`s time to see what Lynch and Comey talked about, get the full context of what took place there. I want to see this memo and any other memo’s he may have written, which he said he didn’t. All those questions need to be asked.”

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