HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — There was no evidence Monday of major progress toward a new state budget due on Friday. Lawmakers continue to grapple with how to plug another significant deficit.

The state House wants raise new revenue by legalizing up to 40,000 slots-like video gaming terminals, or VGTs, as part of a wide-ranging bill to expand gambling. But Republican Jake Corman, the Senate majority leader, who has his own misgivings about VGTs, said Monday it remains a tough sell in his chamber.

“I have concerns. But I have a lot of members of my caucus who are very big supporters of it,” Corman said. “And so I’m trying to work with them to see if there’s a way to navigate through the issue so that the people who are not supportive can be comfortable. I don’t know that that’s possible.”

But, he says, he’s trying. Asked if there had been any movement in the Senate GOP caucus toward VGTs, Corman said only ‘small steps.’