HARRISBURG,PA (CBS) — As is often the case, the last Monday of June begins with a new state budget due in a few days and lawmakers and the governor facing a big deficit with no clear answers about how to close it.

One anticipated source of new revenue is from an expansion of gambling, including internet gaming. But the biggest bone of contention with that issue is the state House’s desire for a provision that would allow for up to 40,000 slot machine-like video gaming terminals, or VGTs, in establishments with liquor licenses.

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A gaming bill with that provision made it through the House and Speaker Mike Turzai says support came from different factions.

“You know, it’s an interesting issue,” he said. “The gaming expansion – it’s a coalition in the House. It’s a coalition.”

Turzai says part of that coalition supports VGTs, but that proposal faces an uncertain fate in the Senate.

Governor Wolf last week said he was reserving judgment.

Meanwhile, another idea floated for possible new revenue involves a liquor-by-the-drink tax.