3pm- Yesterday’s unveiling of the Senate GOP Healthcare Bill led to numerous overreactions from members of the left. 

3:20pm- While appearing on Fox Business Network, Rep. Thomas Massie explained that the proposed Senate Healthcare Bill will not stop the rise in healthcare costs.

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3:25pm- On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Sen. Rand Paul stated that the healthcare system is broken because the consumer is currently disconnected from the price of the product. 

3:30pm- Sen. Susan Collins said that she would be unlikely to vote for a healthcare bill that stripped funds from Planned Parenthood. 

3:50pm- Sen. Rand Paul believes that there may be more subsidies in the newly proposed GOP Healthcare Bill than there currently are in Obamacare.

4:30pm- Recently, German police raided several homes, arresting people who had been accused of engaging in hate speech.

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5pm- Jean Morrow, Research Assistant for Domestic Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation, joins the show to discuss how the Senate Healthcare Bill has fallen short of repealing Obamacare.

5:10pm- Sen. Bernie Sanders said that Republicans can not get away with passing their healthcare bill because it could potentially result in the death of Americans. 

5:35pm- Johnny Depp apologized after insinuating that someone should assassinate President Trump.

5:40pm- A Democratic Party Official from Nebraska was caught on tape saying that he was happy Rep. Steve Scalise was shot.

5:45pm- Breitbart released a list of 15 times Hollywood celebrities have used violent rhetoric against Donald Trump and Republicans.

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