By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s officially summer — the season when some of the sweetest fruits are ripening. For those who like to enjoy those foods in the winter, it’s also the height of canning season… and as KYW’s Hadas Kuznits reports, canning is a relatively simple process that you can try at home.

Author, food blogger and teacher Marisa McClellan says now is the best time for canning.

“Canning is really simply the act of preserving food.”

Because, she says, there’s so much that’s ripening right now.

“It’s like the stock market — you want to buy low, when things are in season, and then eating them in the winter, it’s like selling high! You’re making your best investment if you can this time of the year.”

So what’s in season?

“Right now, we’re heading into cherry season. You’re going to see sweet cherries and sour cherries, then you’re going to see apricots which are one of my favorite fruits for jam making, for chutneys for fruit butter, and then we’ll have plums and nectarines and peaches!”

How do you do it?

“You warm up your jars, you funnel the hot jam into those jars. You wipe the rims, you put lids and rings on and then you put them back in the canning pot and boil them for 10 or 15 minutes and what’s happened is as you boil the jars, the air has vented out so that when they come out and they cool, a vacuum forms and that’s how they stay shelf-stable!”

All this summer, McClellan is hosting a series of live streaming canning classes on her Facebook page “Food in Jars” on the first and third Monday nights of the month from 9-10pm – and this week on the What’s Cooking podcast, Marisa divulges some seasonal canning recipes. Be sure to subscribe to What’s Cooking on Apple Podcasts or wherever you download them.

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