By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As summer travel heats up, the Transportation Security Administration is giving advice on how to take some of the hassle out of your journey.

There are dozens of no-no items that Transportation Security Officer David Carle says will slow down the line.

TSA Officer Carle displaying a confiscated baton. (credit: Paul Kurtz)

“Bludgeon items. You don’t really think of a bowling pin as a weapon, however, it could do some damage,” he said. “Something a little more obvious would be a lead pipe. Anytime any of these is found its definitely gonna slow down the line.”

Even seemingly innocent items such as corkscrews and Swiss Army knives can cause problems.

Federal Security Director Gary Renfrews advice? Use common sense, and be prepared.

“Know what the rules are. There’s plenty of information online about what you can and cannot carry. If you have any questions there’s an app that’s available,” he said.

Various items confiscated by the TSA during security checks. (credit: Paul Kurtz)

Renfrew suggests arriving early, two-to-three hours before international flights and two hours for domestic. He also suggests signing up for security pre-check.

“With a little bit of information and your time, it’s $17 a year on average, you can have pre-check and ensure that your screening will be about five minutes,” he said.

The sign-up period runs from July 24th to 28th.