HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf says he will veto a bill on his desk that would prevent cities like Philadelphia and other municipalities from banning or taxing plastic bags.

The state Senate gave final legislative approval last week to a bill that would prevent municipalities from banning, taxing, surcharging or assessing fees for recyclable plastic bags. Governor Wolf, at the time, said he would reserve judgment until he reviewed the bill but on Wednesday he said he had decided on a veto.

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“It would be inconsistent for me,” the governor said. “I believe that we ought to be allowing local officials to make decisions that they in their estimation and their constituents – local constituents – feel are in their best interests.”

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The governor also says the bill raises constitutional issues, citing a state Supreme Court ruling that he says addressed local officials’ authority to enact laws to protect the environment. Supporters of the measure said, among other things, it was a jobs issue, citing facilities in the state involved in the packaging industry.