PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Author of The Strange Death Of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam, Douglas Murray talked with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the rising threat of terrorism in the West, blaming a lack of assimilation from migrants arriving from Muslim nations.

“We always talk about that if somebody arrives in our country and becomes an American or European just like that. Our experience in Europe, it’s one of the things I really try to focus on in the book, is that that is just not true. You don’t become European because you walk into Europe. You don’t have the same views on the difference between church and state. You don’t have the same views on women. You don’t have the same views on minorities, including sexual and religious minorities. You’ve had different experiences and you’re going to bring them with you. That’s something that our politicians, from Angela Merkel downward, seem just to never have recognized.”

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He believes the majority of citizens in Europe do see the problem, but politicians refuse to act.

“There is a massive divide between what politicians are able to say and what the public thinks…Everybody remembers the huge outcry when your President suggested a temporary travel ban on people from seven very unstable Muslim majority countries. You couldn’t walk out in polite society without the whole condemnation of the President for saying that. Every politician and media came down on him. At the same time, a poll was carried out in Europe by a very reputable polling company and it found that the majority of the population in ten European countries, out of the ten, eight had a majority that said they wanted not one more Muslim coming into their country.”

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Murray goes as far as to say that politicians won’t confront the issues surrounding immigration because they are responsible for creating them.

“This is the difficulty we’re all going through. The public can see these problems. We can all see them. We can all see it in Europe now, on a daily basis, the terrorism that we have. We don’t like it. But, yet, the politicians find it so hard to address this because they brought the problem upon us.”

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